Fading Suns

Standing nearly ten feet tall, covered in shaggy orange fur, a lupin shaped head and six muscular arms/feet ending in highly venomous claws it's no wonder that Vorox are considered the most ferocious sapient in the Known Worlds. However the church recognises them as having a soul closest to that of humanity. The distinction lies between the feral vorox and those who have been civilised. The Vorox hail from the planet of Ungavorox, a House Li Halan fief.

"Wild" Vorox are never let off the planet by their Li Halan overlords, a practice dating back to the Second Republic. Only civilised Vorox, those that have undergone a special training program and had their poisoned claws removed (with the exception of the local nobles, who are allowed to retain one claw as symbol of their office). The civilisation training dates back to Second Republic anthropologists and xenopsychologists, but has since then become a tool for supressing native Vorox culture. Civilised and feral Vorox typically disdain eachother.

The main Vorox social unit is the Angerak, the pack. Packless Vorox eventually go insane, and most who travel offworld form at least a temporary Angerak with trusted human and alien companions. Blood bonds are of lesser concern, except with the Li Halan-instituted nobles and royal family.

The Vorox are officially headed by a king under the authority of the Li Halan, although he is not recognised by the packs of feral Vorox dominating the jungle regions that cover most of Ungavorox' main continent.

A contingent of Vorox serve in the Vorox Commando units of the Li Halan, under human officers. The units make use of their excellent survival skills and are commonly deployed as commando units, excelling at tracking, scouting and counterinsurgency tactics. The Vorox Commandos has seen action during the Emperor Wars, and detachements are currently employed for counterinsurgency on Rampart.