Voavenlhjun is the Church sect founded by the Prophet's Obun disciple Ven Lohji, and is active mostly among the Obun race, especially on their home planet of Velisamil, though any of the Known Worlds with a relatively large Obun population has Ven Lohji clerics.

This sect combines Church teachings with the pagan Bintaru faith that used to dominate the Obun homeworld. It was the influence of Sanctuary Aeon that induced the Orthodoxy to include both Amaltheans and Voavenlohjun as part of the Universal Church. During the Second Republic, a number of humans started to follow Voavenlohjun as well as Obun. There were a number of Ven Lohji archbishops on a number of planets and even an Obun Ven Lohji Church Patriarch at this time. After the Fall, Voavenlohjun was radically reduced in influence in Church and Known Worlds affairs. This Church sect is always headed by the Obun Archbishop of Velisamil. The Bintaru gods have become Ven Lohji Lightbearers and Principles, who are identified with Empyrean angels of Church doctrine. On fiefs on Hawkwood and al-Malik planets owned by House Juandastaas and to a lesser extent on the Merchant League planets of Leagueheim, Madoc, and Bannockburn, Voavenlohjun is supported by both Obun and even some humans, especially Juandastaas nobles and certain guild factions. The Ven Lohji sect of the Church has a number of monasteries that are used for meditation by Obun.