Originally the Engineers Guild was a holy order or part of the church 1000 years ago. Now however they are the zenith of technology. In a post-fall society high tech is a premium luxury and the Engineers Guild ensures they control it all. Their patents include starships, terraforming engines, computers, robotics, cybernetics, gerontology, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and xenotechnological analysis. The Engineers research and develop what little there is of high technology, keeping what little of it is left maintained and trying to relearn the secrets of the Second Republic.

The Engineers Guild are the most elusive and unnerving of all the guilds. Often living examples of their own skills at cybernetics most of the peasantry view them with superstitious fear. Yet none will deny the necessity of this guild. Without them starships would not fly, worlds would die as terraforming machines collapse and neither church nor noble factions would endure such diminished capacity for long.

Their secrecy and preference for the forbidden secrets of technology has catagorised the Engineers as Mad Scientists, Rogue inventors and Cyberfetishists of the most bizarre kind. All Engineers are subject to regular mandatory confessions with appointed priests.

Some members (Engineer rank and above) of the Supreme Order of Engineers have ties to a religious sect called SoulCraft, which mixes science and religion. SoulCraft was originally the Pneumatic Order of Engineers, formed in 3958 as an official order of the Universal Church, but dissolved a few decades later (when an A.I. computer requested Church ordination) by Patriarch Adrian II.

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