It was once said that the Reeves were paying a penance for being stuck with two of the most hated jobs in history, Lawyers and Bankers. These guildsmen are the minds behind the commerce and economy of the Known Worlds. Their history reputedly tells them as pirates who but after crafting strong agreements with both Church and noble factions they ensured a monopoly of money-lending. The Reeves are both bankers and moneylenders and have on occasion been levelled an accusation of usury.

However these accusations are often for naught as the Reeves possess the finest lawyers and advocates that money can buy. Their legal representation is highly sought after and extremely expensive. Individuals in the guild are normally conservative and austere, for which reason they are called Grey Faces (usually out of earshot), lest the person be sued for defamation.

As experts in jurisprudence, scholarship, and economics, the majority of Leaguemeisters have come from the Reeves for their business and economic acumen. The Reeves also own a large fleet (which is allegedly a remnant from the days they were a band of rogue pirates). They mobilise this fleet to collect payments from any who default on their loans. It's disputed wether most of this fleet was sold off for start-up cash, or if there is still a large Reeve starfleet hidden somewhere.