Fading Suns

Psychic Powers have awakened in the dawn of the Stellar Age of Humanity, the first time that the Humanity crossed a Jumpgate. They are shunned by the Church.

The Psychic Paths[]


FarHand is the way of psychokinesis, moving objects with one's mind.  see Fading Suns 2nd Ed pg 143 unless otherwise noted.

Far Hand Powers
1: Lifting Hand
2: Throwing Hand
3: Crushing Hand
4: Duelling Hand
5: Far Arms
6: Far Wall
7: Airstride
8: Demolishing Hand
9: AirDance
9: Seize the Heart, see CotG pg 74 (Ukari)


Omen is the way of oracles and precognition. There are no known powers below level 6. Omen is the power of foresight and prophecy. See Fading Suns 2nd Ed pg 144-145

Omen powers
6 Shadows Gone By
7 Shadows to Come
8 Voice from the Past
9 Oracle


Psyche is the way of telepathy, one of the most feared of the psi paths.

Sixth Sense[]

Sixth Sense involves extending one's senses across space.

Sixth Sense Powers
1: Sensitivity
2: Darksense
3: Subtle Sight
4: Premonition
4: Rivga-Iltach (Urge Guardian), see CotG pg 74 (Ukari)
5: Farsight
6: Farsound
7: Shared Sense
8: Wyrd Sight
9: Anunnaki Aura, see CotG pg 74 (Ukari)
9: Senses Shock


Soma is the path of mind over body.

Soma Powers
1 Purge Immunity, see OR:A&H pg 47 (Ascorbites)
1 Toughening
2 Strengthening
3 Quickening
4 Hardening
5 Sizing
6 Masking
6 Wings, see OR:A&H pg 47 (Ascorbites)
7 Molt, see OR:A&H pg 47 (Ascorbites)
7 Recovering
8 Sowing
9 Closing
9 Fourth Stage, see OR:A&H pg 47 (Ascorbites)


Sympathy is the arts of psychic bonding between individuals.

Sympathy powers
3: Bonding
4: Sanctum
5: Totem
6: Coven Brand
7: Mojo Bond
8: Sever Bond
9: Coven Bond

References: See Fading Suns 2nd Ed pg 149-151

Vis Craft[]

Vis Craft involves mental manipulation of energy.

1 Vis Eye I
2 Vis Drain I
3 Vis Eye II
3 Vis Flow I
4 Vis Drain II
4 Vis Flow II
4 Vis Shock
5 Vis Flux (i.e. Vis Flow III)
5 Vis Shield
6 Vis Bolt
7 Vis Vortex
8 Vis Storm
9 Primal Vis


The Dervishes use this art of psychic war. (FSPC 181 )


Projecting images into another's mind is the art of Visioning. This rare and fabled art was never fully studied durring the Second Republic (FSPC 18)

1 False Glimpse
2 False Sight
3 Lying Senses
4 False Object
5 False Scenery
6 False Creature
7 False World
8 Persistence of Visioning
9 Mass Hallucination


The art of hiding from view. This path is rare known mostly to members of the Favyana and Invisible Path. (see FSPC 184). Psychic Powers

1 ShadowDance I
2 ShadowDance II
3 Stone Wall I
4 Stone Wall II
5 Veiled Face I
6 Veiled Face II
7 IronBrow I
8 IronBrow II
9 Invisibility


Manipulation of psychic energies themselves. This path is rare known mostly to members of the Favyana and Invisible Path. (FSPC 184))

1 Psi Sense
2 Diffusion
3 Absorption
4 All-Seeing Eyes
5 Refraction
6 Reflection
7 Wyrd Harvest
8 Redirection
9 Dark Harvest

Sathra's Path[]

This ship-based path is rare and known primarily to Sathraists.(DBtS 41)

Sathra's Powers

1 Communion
2 Trail
3 Unlatch
4 Latch
5 Space Speech
6 Void Touched
7 Search the Void
8 Void Mind
9 Vast Mind

References: see DBtS pg 41-43


This path represents the innate hive-mind of the Ascorbites.(OR:A&H pg 44)