During the Second Republic, the Universal Church had a liberal sect of clergy who were pro-technology and promoters of leaning and literacy among the masses: the Preceptors. After the fall of the Republic in 4000, the Church officially dissolved the Preceptor order, but it's remnants survived among clergy who still were sympathetic to Preceptor aims. In 4233, along with the Incarnates, the Preceptors were branded heretics by a Patriarchal decree and hunted by the Inquisition. Yet, in remote areas, certain Orthodox clergy, certain Amaltheans, and a few Hesychast monks promoted literacy among the serfs and even bits of pro-tech learning. When this was uncovered, the Inquisition stepped in, the serfs were sent to slave labor camps by enraged nobles, and the Preceptor stripped of Church ordination. Yet the Preceptors survived. By the decades of the 4970s and 4980s, the Preceptors became more public and their churchs, once officially part of the Universal Church, became centers of serf learning. The Church Inquisition and hostile nobility at first cracked down on the sect, but Preceptor popularity ensured it's survival.