Lost World with one night road to Sutek. A technological hellhole, Pandora is a world of grinding poverty and ruthlessness, where life is cheap, technology grants power, might makes right, and only the strong and cunning survive. A large number of the toughest and wealthiest Pandorans use exotic cybernetics although most such cyberware is carefully disguised or hidden, lest the individual make themselves a target for those hoping to steal their tech. Cyberdocs are typically unscrupulous operators, running shady clinics for local criminals. They are usually cybered-up themselves, and inevitably have a few thugs on hand to deal with non-payers, or to rip off the weak. The archetypal street tough, the most successful gangers become cyberpunks, carrying an arsenal of hidden cybertech, making them even more effective killers. Some such gangers make a living fighting in vicious spectator pit fights.

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