The Fading Suns Wiki is devoted to be a glossary of the people, places and events in the Fading Suns game universe. The following sections outline what is and isn't intended for this Wiki.

The Fading Suns Wiki isEdit

For the recording of current and historical events, people and places. This wiki exits to primarily act as repository of all things pertaining to the Fading Suns universe. Planets, organizations, technology and beliefs are all valid categories.

Accurate and verifiable. Everything mentioned in this Wiki must be canonical. Information should only be taken from material published by Holistic Designs.

The Fading Suns Wiki is not Edit

A personal webpage. This Wiki is for official information only. Fan material such as fiction, characters, games logs or planets, is not to be posted on this Wiki.

A message board. This Wiki is not intended to be used to announce events and tournamouts, nor is it to be used to contact other members (beyond the contact options available to any member of Wikia).

For game information. The use of this Wiki is not to provide game mechanics, strategy or product release information.

Official. This site is not endorsed in any way by Holistic Designs. There is no offical representaion from Holistic Designs involved with this project.