The Major Guilds combine the central core of the Merchant League, they are the few, the proud the powerful. Whether through blackmail, monopolies or political and bureaucratic expertise they are capable of holding their own as part of the triumvirate that orders the Known Worlds.

Although merchants have facilities all across space they have are based on Leagueheim. Much of Guild planning and trade is carried out on this small industrial planet.


The Charioteers Guild are the guild of space pilots but their real power lies in their monopolistic control of the jumpgate keys. In their time they have been accused of both Sathraism and republicanism. As well as interplanetary trade they also supply all kinds of drivers, flyers, riders and transport requirements. The Charioteers use their intelligence agency the Killroys to maintain their control of the supply and knowledge of the jump codes. They are viewed as the extrovert and dashing face of the Guilds.

The Supreme Order of EngineersEdit

The mysterious and unnerving Guild of Engineers are in control of all things technical and scientific. Not only are there scientific ways view with suspicion but their taste for cyber implants also puts them beyond decency and sacrilegious in the opinions of serfs and devout church priests. Yet it started as a religious order itself and some members maintain a faith that combines experimental science with rare theological concepts.


This guild handles all that is of dubious legality in the Known Worlds. They deal in contraband artefacts of forbidden technologies and alien designs, through to protection rackets and gambling. They have also dealt in drugs both medicinal and narcotic. Though their fingers are generally in every line of business trying to undercut the honest trader with a knock off product.

The MusterEdit

The Muster are labour for hire with an emphasis on force. Their activities include slavery, supplying highly skilled workers or elite troops. Their slaver activity has given them the nickname the 'chainers.' They can trace their linage back to a mercenary unit active during the Second Republic.

The ReevesEdit

These Guildsmen deal in money and law. They supply financial services across the Known Worlds, lending money, exchanging currencies, offering investments. They also offer legal services across the many arcane legals systems across the Empire. Their money lending and legal interventions can put them in conflict with the Church.

Minor GuildsEdit

Apart from the top five guild their are countless other small and local guilds operating around the Known Worlds.

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