In the decade of the 4990s, a mansion on the planet Nowhere was built with stairways and hallways leading to dead ends, weird-sounding windchimes, and statues of gargoyles by nobles from Houses Decados and Li Halan.


A workers' revolt forced the mansion to remain partial unbuilt, and the Decados owner gave it to a Hesychast monk from a minor Church sect, Via Corporeus, or Way of the Body, after the monk gave him confidential information about an al-Malik noble. Soon after, the Second Republic fell and Nowhere's jumpgate was sealed from the Known Worlds, though the Via Corporeus sect survived on both the lost planet and in the Known Worlds. By the 44th Century, Nowhere was rediscovered and was found to have replaced lush vegetation with deserts, and Maelstrom Monastery survived along with the local branch of the Church Orthodoxy. since then, this Church monastery has become headquarters of two Church sects, Via Corporeus and Via Empyream or Way of the Empyrean/Heaven, who along with Via Epistimic and Via Anima are among the four largest Hesychast orders in the Universal Church.

Hesychast OrdersEdit

Via Corporeus advocates the use of martial arts, stretching the body on beds of hot coals and needles, and outlandish exercises that stretch the body in weird directions in order to meditate on spiritual matters.

Via Empyrean advocates the separation of religion and politics and also suggests Church believers can reach the Pancreator without the intervention of Church clergy and monks. It is led by Brother Ares. Via Empyrean is looked upon by more politically-minded Orthodox leaders with a mixture of distrust and support, since a number of younger Orthodox clergy have converted to this Hesychast sect, yet see it as a necessity to combat the rival Incarnate faith. All Church monasteries that follow the Via Corporeus or Via Empyrean sects answer to the sect leaders at Maelstrom Monastery on Nowhere.