The Kalinthi are the offcial occult investigators and demon hunters of the Church. They started as an independent occult-obsessed group during the 39th Century by a noble from House Chauki. They were declared an official Church agency by Matriarch Alethea in 4269, and thereafter were associated with certain elements of the Urth Orthodoxy and the Via Anima Hesychast Order. Though Universal Church clergy from any sect can join the Kalinthi, it's agents are at least 95 percent from the Orthodoxy or Via Anima. Kalinthi agents often travel undercover, and usually have training in theurgy (religious magic).

The Kalinthi is a highly secret and extremely elite order of demon-hunters reporting directly to the Patriarch without the medium of the Syneculla or the College of Ethicals. The Kalinthi is made up of powerful theurges who are skilled in the detection, investigation, and combating of infernal and malign occult influences. Membership in the Kalinthi is not restricted to Orthodox priests alone- many Eskatonics and Avestites, and some Adepts of Mantius, have been recruited into its ranks- but all within the Kalinthi must renounce all other allegiance than their allegiance to the Patriarch. The Kalinthi has recently been experiencing terrible attrition, which is a cause of no small concern to those few Church authorities aware of this fact.