Template:No infobox Iver is a Lost World, a planet that has been cut off from the Jumproutes of the Known Worlds.


The recent discovery of the coordinates of Iver have turned this Lost World into a valuable target for exploration, evaluation and perhaps military invasion and conquest. Its Jump gate is connected to Pandemonium, which is currently belongs to House Decados.

This Royal House is claiming right to ownership, but this has yet to be ratified by Alexius Hawkwood, ruler of the Known Worlds.

The Church is certain to investigate the spiritual beliefs of the planets inhabitants, being always eager to preach and spread the message of the Omega Gospels and to rekindle the faith of the local population. Local heresies will certainly be judged upon and, if needs be, denounced and fought with due diligence.

It is only a matter of time before a group of Questing Knights are sent to investigate the planet.


Iver houses members of the Incarnates, a rogue heretical Church sect.

Iver is home to a large colony of Hironem

This colony, named Tlog, was established by the Second Republic in 3840 as a penal colony. This penal colony was known as the Vasta Reservation for Hironem or the VRH

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