The Invisible Path is a coven of psychics who see themselves as evolutions next step.

Aims Edit

The Invisible Path aims to overthrow the current Imperial Regime and replace it with psychics, ruling over the masses. They also seek to discover the jumproad to the lost world Kun Lun, believeing that if they discover this supposed world of psychics before any one else can, they will be able to convince them to help the Path and its aims.

History Edit

The Invisble path are rumoured to have been founded during the 2nd Republic by Prince Leonardo Li Halan, as a psychic secret police force named the Inari. After Leonardo's failed attempt at the house throne, and subsequent death they scattered throughout the Known Worlds. After this they disappeared until the 46th century, where a cell was wiped out by the Brother Battle on Malignatius. This cell was masquerading as the Knights of the Empyrean Star, a sect of warrior monks. The Path then carried out several terrorist attacks throught the New Dark Ages, usually targeting Decados & Hawkwood targets, with the aim of starting a general war between these 2 powerful houses.

Recently the Invisible Path has been involved in a psychic war on Criticorum with a coven known as the Favyana, which it appears to have lost, and its presence on Criticorum drastically reduced.

Manitou Edit

In 4999 the Invisible Path, through a front organization known as the Manitou Alliance, overthrew the government of the city of Mohenjo. Using an army of normal, non-psychics (or Agricola's as they are known to coven members), the Invisible Path now sits in government of this city and is actively recruiting a larger army, the New Manitou Army to take over all human controlled portions of Manitou, whilst leaving the Vau alone.