Many would joke that House Trusnikron is hardly noble, more concerned with their steeds than serfs, more enamoured to their beast lore than fiefal management. Yet none will deny the value of their steeds, whether horses or flying urrocs a Trusnikron is master of them all. They are also viewed as being very straightforward and honorable. The serve with distinction among the Hawkwoods and Hazat as cavalry officers and mercenaries.

The house once controlled Shaprut, but now calls Ravenna its home, ruling the entirety of the province of Folari North (controlled by Countess Morgana Solara Trusnikron). On Cadavus, the family owns province of Sudania (ruled by Vis-Marquis Kovann Trusnikron). The family members here generally dislike the Decados, but have to tolerate them since the Decados do otherwise rule the world. Even so, occassional clashes between Trusnikron and Decados are not unheard of on Cadavus...

The house officially claims descent from ancient Scottish royalty, but probably are descended from gypsies and cossacks. Just don't bring it up in their presence!

A knight of this family is called a Hand.[1]

References Edit

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