This is a short guide to what you should observe if you edit existing articles of the Fading Suns Wiki or add new ones.

What Content is appropriate for the Wiki?Edit

First of all, don't violate copyrights. In other words, don't quote lengthy passages from the published books. You may write short summaries of material in the books in your own words (you could, for example, describe what the Decados are as long as you come up with the description yourself), but keep in mind that this Wiki is supposed to support the material in the books - not supplant them.

With material that you come up with your own - speculation that goes beyond the content of the existing books, or entirely new material - you have fewer limits. But for ease of reference, please use the following tags:

- Unofficial material are new additions - minor groups and organizations (whether minor noble houses, small Church sects, secrets societies etc.), undiscovered Lost Worlds, new theurgic rites, psychic powers, equipment and so on that has not been mentioned in the books, but if introduced would not severely disrupt and alter the setting as written.

- Variant material would seriously disrupt and alter the setting as written. You should put things like new stellar empires (humans and aliens), scenarios where the Emperor Wars ended with someone else on the throne, entirely new sources of occult powers, and so on.

Please put these tags at the beginning of any article that merits them. If you link to it from a link list (like the Planets page if you want to add a Lost World, for example), also add the relevant tag behind the regular link so that Wiki users can immediately see what articles are describing parts of the "official" setting and which aren't.