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Name Distance from Sun Notes
Vesuvius 0.162 AU Small and hot; Similar to Mercury
Santius .845 AU Small and hot; Volcanic world; Never colonized or developed; Too costly to terraform; Where Baron Santius died
Byzantium Secundus 1.46 AU Throneworld of the Know Worlds
(Jericho) moon Once terraformed, the engines were destroyed during the Emperor Wars; Small mining colony remains; Haunted by the dead
(Diamdem) Spacestation 2nd Republic era spacestation; HQ of the Imperial Navy; In geosynchronous orbit over the Imperial Palace
(Cumulus) Spacestation Run by the Merchant League; Customs outpost and repair facility; Second in size in the Empire only to Diadem
Aden 16.18 AU Rocky, barren world; Too large to terraform; No atmosphere, but rumors of nomads living under the planet's surface
(New Malta) moon Terraformed; Used by Imperial Guard as a training ground
Magog 31.0 AU Gas giant; Source of "jelly vipers" - lifeforms killed for their poison; Harvesting of jelly vipers is now illegal under imperial law
(Tuszla) moon Rich veins of luminite; Evacuated during first emperor war, never recolonized
(Amida) moon Once an aritists' colony; Seized by the Church after the fall; Most artists here have been blackballed by the Church
(Cyril) moon Once hosted a trade city; Mostly traded in illegal and proscribed goods; Was shut down by the Church and remains empty
Iblis 41.351 AU Ice world; Similar to Pluto; Something large detected under the ice; The Church interdicts the world to prevent study of the "ice demon"
(Derelict) moon Imperial sentinel outpost; People assigned here suffer cabin fever within three months; Worst assignement in the Imperial military
Jumpgate 41.351 AU

The capital and heart of the Known Worlds is located in Byzantium Secundus. As the Imperial government is based here most of the Known Worlds political factions have representatives operating on the planet. Large oceans threaten to roll over extensive marshes on the five continents.


This planet was formerly called New Mecca and then New Istanbul during the First Republic, the Diaspora and finally the Second Republic. It has been the capital planet of the Known Worlds since the Second Republic, first as seat of the Republic's president and senate, then as the location of the Ten Royal houses' Ruling Council. It was temporarily the throneworld of Emperor Vladimir Alecto and theocrat Halvor Li Halan, and was the seat of the office of Regent. Today it is used as the seat of Emperor's power.



Aldaia is home to House Cameton, but the Li Halan have some fiefs here as well.

  • 600 million population


Home to fiefs of House Cameton, House al-Malik, Temple Avesti and the Emperor.

  • 30 million population


The city of Viridian houses fully half the world's population - some three billion people. Imperial City is also located here, but is home to a "mere" 67 million people. The region is split between Imperial fiefs and a Hawkwood Duchy, although all noble houses maintain some estates on "Embassy Row" in Imperial City.


The largest sub continent in Galatea. As well as the capital the famous Veridian University is also established here.

Old IstanbulEdit

Home to the Holy City, which houses some 20 million people.

  • 750 million population


Controlled by House Cameton.

  • 200 million population


Harmony is home to a few Imperial fiefs and some Lambeth fiefs, but most of the land is owned by House Cameton. The Decados have a shipyard on this continent.

  • 900 million population


Split between Houses Cameton, Hawkwood and al-Malik.

  • 500 million population


The world's polar region, the Hawkwoods and Cametons claim most of the land here. It is also the location of the Vau embassy, though it is seldom visited by humans. There is also a large Brother Battle monastery in Tarsus.

  • 20 million
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